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Why Learning How to Draw is so Important for Youngsters

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Date: April 6, 2021 /
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 Author: paoloeuvrard

From the age of 18 months, children love to scribble.

Bit by bit, their drawings evolve to be more complex and thought-out. However, drawing is more than just an amusing activity – it plays a big role in a child’s development.

As the years pass, children learn to properly use a pencil and drawing becomes easier.

  • So, how do you help the little ones to progress artistically?
  • Why is it important to let children draw?

Coloring books are a good place to start, but there really is nothing better than a simple sheet of A4 and a selection of wax crayons to get them thinking creatively.

So, what are the benefits of drawing lessons for kids?

How Drawing Benefits Kids

Offering children age-appropriate drawing materials and step-by-step drawing tutorials for creating their own art (such as graphite and colored pencils, charcoal, crayons, oil pastels, watercolor paint, pen and ink) will encourage them to learn to perfect their technique and develop as an artist.

Drawing and painting promote:

  • Cognitive Development: The child uses their knowledge to aid the creation of their artwork, meaning that drawing stimulates observational skills and helps in the development of their brain.
  • Coordination skills: By drawing geometric shapes, children learn to control the pencil as they aim towards a specific goal in how their picture should look.
  • Fine motor skills: As a more specific part of coordination, the child learns to draw things in greater detail and can fit more elements into a limited drawing space.
  • Developing their personality: The child learns to express themselves through their art as they test different methods and find out what works best for them. You may notice these variations as their work evolves, and notice certain trends when they’re upset or particularly happy, as this could be expressed in their art.
  • Developing their creativity: Drawing is a way to not only represent real-life people and objects, but to bring your imagination into reality. Children’s drawings usually have fantastical stories behind them – and if you’ve ever asked a child about what they’ve drawn, you’ll be aware this. What children don’t always realize, though, is that some people may see a different scene in their drawing to the one they intended. Listening to the opinions of others will broaden the child’s creative outlook and understanding of their own artistic skills.
  • Expressing their emotions: Art provides an outlet for children to express themselves without using words. Their creations are, therefore, likely to reflect their emotions and their state-of-mind through their use of color and their choice of scene.

Drawing is great for a child’s development as well as for their parents, who may use drawing as a way to better get to know their child through trying to understand why they express their art in such a way and how confident their child is.

Promoting Your Child’s Development through Drawing

It’s important that children feel able to experiment with different methods of creating art – after all, art is a form of play for kids, so they will be far more likely to want to get involved if you give them colourful drawing tools to work with. There are even some digital drawing resources out there for the little ones.

Bear in mind that drawing should always be a fun activity, and if children don’t want to participate, their decision should be respected.

Children shouldn’t have to draw things they don’t want to just because an adult tells them to do so.

In general, very few children get bored of drawing, however, should this happen, there is no reason to worry.

Parents should also let their children draw whenever they want to. Here are a few other rules you should abide by when it comes to encouraging your child to draw:

  • Let them choose what they’d like to draw
  • Admire their finished work
  • Write the child’s name on their work
  • Ask them to describe what they have drawn

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