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Character Design

Character design is so much more than a character’s physical line.
A huge part of drawing process is portraying who they are as a person, their personality, emotions and feelings.
⁠In this courses we will teach you how to do that, breaking down the concepts that will transform characters from flat lines, lifeless drawings to ones that tell a story through their dynamic poses and lively expressions.
Animation and other arts
“To any young people out there wanting to work in comics or any other visual art, this is where it starts. Doesn’t matter if it’s filled with lead or digital. You just need to draw. Draw everyday. Fuck the cheats. Fuck Ai. That shit is only going to hinder your development. Turning you into another schmuck in a sea of schmucks making the same generic looking shit. Draw. Learn the fundamentals of anatomy, perspective, lighting and composition. Create your style and your voice. That only comes from putting in the work.”
Eric Powell

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