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Layout 2D - Exercise horse

Mastering drawing and creative techniques: a graphic culture and an artistic eye sharpen to adapt to any type of projects.
Create a layout with camera movement following the characters
Design a simple background where you will set up the trajectory of your poses.
In this exercise, the main difficulty will be to keep the volume and construction in the space.
The horse and rider are connected and move in the background, size and perspective will change according to the position and movement.
Try to keep the proportions in between the 2 characters, and mind about reduction in the perspective.
The position according to the horizon line will also influence the construction.
The action scene is horse and rider climbing a mountain path.
The characters moving in the background perspective according to the horizon line.
The main difficulty in this scene is to keep the volume according to the perspective.
We also need to understand to way of horse walk...We can searching for references.
The first step is to create the composition of the scene and the background. In this scene the perspective path will be very important to place the horse steps.
We also place our camera movement following the characters.
In rough drawing we fix the volume problems and construction.
Stay rough on the first set up, then you can add more details.
In layout, it's not necessary to clean our poses perfectly, but it should be precise...
For the background also, a rough drawing will be OK, but all the problems of composition and perspective should be fixed...Details should be precise.
Understand the volume and structure, mastering perspective and space...
Follow this link for 3D references
The following images are references collected around the web to help to understand the structure of the horse.

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