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The layout artist works with a design pack including all design references (characters, BG and FX)
Most of the time a movie or a TV show like Oggy have 2 kinds of design packs.
The main model design pack and the show design pack.
The main model pack contains turns around of the main characters.
In Oggy's show, it will be Oggy of course, Jack, Olivia, the cockroaches and Bob.
For the main characters, the main model pack can also include some additional poses or expressions.
As well as details like hands style...

Evolution of Oggy's model

Entre parenthese...For a show like " oggy " have so many seasons on several years, the design and style had evolution, until the recent 3D version.
The show design pack is the references for each episode of the serie.
It contains the specific designs for each show, also characters, backgrounds and props, as well as special FX or acting.
It's really similar with the main model pack, but the designs are specific for each episode.
Sometimes we can reuse a design from a previous show...For example Oggy in middle age costume.
Playing with the model
In general the layout team must follow exactly the approved design references.
For example if the proportions of the character are not right, we call it "Off model", and the pose should be fixed.
It's the same for the background references and all other designs.
But one point is important to notice in the case of "Oggy and the cockroaches": If for most of the films the model sheets should be followed exactly, in Oggy's cartoon style, it will be possible to play with the proportions of the character according to the scene or acting in the storyboard.
Like in the traditional cartoon style like Tex Avery, extreme poses and deformation are possible, but Oggy must stay Oggy (means blue ^^).
It will be the layout artist who knows where the limits are...But in this specific style the possibilities of deformation are huge: hands and arms can be longer or bigger, facial expression can be totally extreme.
The goal is mainly humor, so each pose should be funny.

Layout poses for " Oggy & the cockroaches"

Understand cartoon acting and create good posing adapted to the style of the movie...
In the case of "Oggy and the cockroaches" the layout artist must be really creative on the facial expressions and posing.
In the main model pack you will also have the main locations of the show, for example Oggy's house inside and outside, associated with some close up important details.
The main model pack will also include the main props like Oggy's car or his fly swatter.
The main model pack will also include color reference for characters, backgrounds and props.
One example of BG line reference
And of course the specific backgrounds of the show.
The model pack give the design direction according to the style of the film...Realistic, cartoon, anime etc...It will be specific for each film
For characters
Design by Brian Kesinger - Blue Eye Samurai
As well as BG and props

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